Zipcar Mazda 3 S 5 Door
Zipcar Mazda 3 s 5-door

Zipcar Mazda 3 S 5 Door

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Zipcar Mazda 3 S 5 Door

Even the 2010 Camaro is one of the few cars to come from the design studio appearing very much like it is prototype. Rather than deliver an updated fifth generation version of the Camaro, the sometimes overused decorative motif was selected, hearkening back to the design cues that made the car such a major hit when it debuted in 1967. But  Zipcar Mazda 3 S 5 Door did a terrific job of evoking the taste of yesteryear with modern creature comforts. But how can it be to push the newest 2010 Camaro?

Camaro RS

Different trim levels are offered to make the automobile match your preference, but most folks will look at one of two currently available versions: both the RS and SS variations. My first test drive was with the six cylinder powered RS (for rebound Sport) model. This V6 is a variant of the General Motors company engine that goes in many of the cars nowadays. With Direct Injection and other modern technology, this motor produces over 300 horsepower.  For reference, the last of the fourth generation Camaro's just made about 20 more horsepower, and that was with a V8.

In the Cockpit

Standard equipment on the 2010 Camaro is abundant, but some substances are a bit hard on the eyes and also a bit less soft to the touch for a car at that price point. The dark inside contrasts the thin slit of light coming in through the very cool looking, but hard to see from windows. Some function is, sadly, sacrificed in the name of form and selling more cars.

The RS might be the best bargain for many,  the standard independent rear suspension and light six cylinder motor leading to a light front end with enough power to make the RS a great handling car. Autocrossers might like the RS for this reason. But exactly what the six lacks, apart from a power bulge to V8 territory, is that the kick in the pants sound and power of this corporate LS series motors installed in more expensive models. proceed to the the Camaro"King of the Hill".

Camaro SS

The Super Sport model jobs to recall the times of big block power. Chevrolet's website states this 6.2 liter V8 may find a true world 19 miles per gallon in the EPA test cycle. But with 422 horsepower on tap, many won't be able to control themselves enough to view their best mileage. In reality, after driving the SS, it was hard to return it to the merchant. The SS does all the RS does, but with greater force. The handling is somewhat compromised from the engine, but the suspension does a good job of reigning that in. If understeer become an issue, judicious (not unbridled, especially with all the SS) program of the throttle will help that separate rear step out and correct the vehicles' direction.


Having a mimimum of 300 horsepower and also some notable standard equipment, the 2010 Camaro is enjoyable.  Check off the option box for this SS motor and you will feel superhuman in front of the wheel. Although outward visibility is slightly compromised, there will not be a mistake when you return the street this can be anything but a Camaro. this, it is not surprising that this vehicle has got the status of a Consumer's Digest Best Buy.

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at SS


Difficult to Watch out of

Insurance Premiums (V8 engine)


$22,680- $33,945

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