Younger Mitsubishi Used Cars

Younger Mitsubishi Used Cars

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Younger Mitsubishi Used Cars

Younger Mitsubishi is a new and used car dealership located at 1901 Dual Highway in Hagerstown, MD that has a big selection of sedans, SUVs, trucks, .
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This is the Younger Mitsubishi Used Cars. It is quite literally the best mix of performance on the trail while providing you with a fantastic ride for everyday driving, and it definitely proves itself each single time you step on the gas. Could I get 5 of these to go ?

brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is provided in two unique versions, one being the GSR which merely has a five speed manual transmission, Recaro Sports Seats and Enkei Wheels. |} It is also possible to get the optional spoiler, the HID headlights as well as the updated sound system. |} All of these are fine and everything, but when you had that additional thousand available, spend on it on what I am driving now.

The new MR model is sublime in every manner possible. It includes Mitsubishi's new Twin Clutch Sportronic Alter Transmission (TC-SST) making driving this car great. It changes smooth and quite fast. I really don't believe I dropped any torque at all between changes that's wonderful. You might even use the 3 unique modes: Normal, Sport and S-Sport, based on how competitive and fast you need to shift. In addition, it comes with Eibach springs, Bilstein shock absorbers, lightweight brake rotors, and BBS forged-alloy wheels. |} And at only $38,990|And} it's a terrific price. Of course, you could go with the Touring version which has a few little extra perks to it for $40,990.

As always, the Lancer Evolution's come with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder MIVEC4 motor producing 295 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque and also the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) drive system.|}

Taking this thing on the major city roads is very comfy. Although, when you hit bumps I will have to say you are feeling them right away. |} It is not exactly comfortable and you wind up now and then dodging holes and lumps in the roads far to the displeasure of individuals around you. But, that is one thing I didn't let bother me. On great roads it feels fantastic, and also to smoke a few dumb hillbilly in a pickup truck away from the stoplights was good too (no lie, even he even got his ass kicked).

Taking it to the highway, it was amazing. Stepping on the gas you get immediate power, and exceptionally smooth changing due to its new gearbox. It was just incredibly good. Sorry to this local law enforcement, however, I got the vehicle up to 130mph before I made the decision to slow down. Guess you would have been required to be there to grab me. Then I pulled off to the country roads, set the mode to S-Sport, and required it on the corners. It moves around them very fast, but it just feels so smooth. It's almost perfection at it's finest. When I could, I would drive 45 minutes away from here into the closest road course and beat the hell out of the vehicle, but I guess that's not for me to perform.

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Now I could also talk about the additional sound insulation, the discretionary navigation, updated sound with Sirius Satellite reception, and leather seats. But I believe when you buy a car like this, you're not getting it for all these small extra things. You're getting it to your total experience of this. It is a fantastic car for a fantastic price.

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