Volkswagen Used Car Dealership

Volkswagen Used Car Dealership

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Volkswagen Used Car Dealership

When it comes to car shopping, confidence is a powerful commodity.. You've got a lot of road to travel, and we want to help keep you feeling confident from one .
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seeking a new car to replace my worn out Honda that had little to no life left. |} The price I was expecting to pay was around $20,000 offering me plenty of choices to choose from. After test driving a number of diverse versions, I decided on the Volkswagen Used Car Dealership. My experience was mostly positive, however, the car isn't without faults.

Acceleration: My car has got the 5cylinder engine with 150hp. It transfers the car around satisfactorily enough, however, the car isn't fast by any other means. Fortunately the transmission is a 6 speed to be sure you're constantly in the optimal equipment. If you purchase a new Jetta, the car should feel a little more peppy because it has an extra 20 horsepower. Overall I'd give the car a 7/10 for speed.

that is unheard of in this price range.  It is extremely smooth. {I'd rate the transmission a 9/10.

Handling/Steering: The auto steers accurately and supplies just the right amount of feedback. really impressive and the car always feels in control. |} Overall I rate it an 8/10 for handling.|}

Ride: The car rides firm, but is controlled and comfortable. I like a milder ride to the soft mushy feeling you get in a car like the Toyota Camry. Total 8/10.

Chairs: There's a lot of space front and rear. For passengers and the seats is firm, but comfortable. There are plenty of adjustments for the front seats including knee modification. The steering wheel tilts and telescopes which makes it simple for anybody to obtain a good driving position. Total 9/10

Trunk: The trunk is huge, and can be bigger than most. Furthermore, the car gets hooks for you grocery bags in order that they remain in a vertical position. It is touches like these that make this car unique.  10/10

Exterior Styling: The car looks classy with its own chrome grille treatment, but the car is a little too tall for my tastes. A number of the exterior views seem somewhat too Japanese to my preference, for example, rear that has tail lights like the Toyota Corolla. Total 7/10

Interior Styling: The interior seems more costly the anything in this class. The materials are surfaces and rich feel high quality. 10/10

Safety: This car has airbags galore involving two frontside, and head airbags also. 10/10

Reliability: I haven't had any major problems with the car, but it only has 33,000 miles on it. The transmission falls down harshly sometimes and some of the interior components have come loose. Additionally, the passenger door has been sticky ever since I bought it. People have to pull the door handle double to start it. Overall I'd rate reliability a 7/10.

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Price/Value: Considering its characteristics, quality, and distance the Jetta delivers great value for the money. 8/10

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