Volkswagen People's Car Project

Volkswagen People’s Car Project

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Volkswagen People's Car Project

Volkswagen in German literally means "People's Car". Today in China, Volkswagen faces increased competition. To tackle this challenge, they decided to turn .
Support Volkswagen Group China with the strategic planning, realization and marketing of the People's Car Project – a large scale open innovation and .
In 2011, Volkswagen commenced its People's Car Project in China to create crowdsourced concepts of the VW of the future. More than 33 million people visited .
Volkswagen gathers ideas from the people of China to help innovate future cars. We took one girl's idea.
Back in 2011, Volkswagen asked the people of China to submit what they thought the car of the future should look like. They called it, “The People's Car Project”.
This is a commercial made for Volkswagen on an Asian project called "The People's Car Projects". As.
Case Study The People's Car Project (Film) for Volkswagen Group China by Proximity China.

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