The Most Expensive Cadillac Car

The Most Expensive Cadillac Car

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The Most Expensive Cadillac Car

We've seen different levels of insanity, however I can not actually say what made me to review this revolutionary unit of a moving fortress. It is a one-of-a-kind portable arsenal which unites presidential comfort as well as advanced engineering. Everything is packed and ready to cadillac The Most Expensive Cadillac Car  proceed, but maybe not as fast as you believe. With an acceleration of 15 minutes from 0-60 miles and a high rate not exceeding 60 miles you'll have more than sufficient time to be taken aback as it passes: this isn't among those nippy Italian cars which pass as swiftly as lightning flashes until you can state it flashes!

The gas tank

It has sufficient capacity to take up to a T-72  at the time not compromising on security. The gas tank is armour-plated filled with specially made foam that keeps it from bursting even though it suffers an immediate hit.

Defense accessories

James Bond might have a machine gun equipped amphibian-car with rolling license plates and acrylic sprayers, but it can not help but bow into the Cadillac one. Together with armour plated 8-inch thick doorways, night-vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons plus a motorist's window tough enough to withstand armour-piercing bullets, a machine gun shower on December 31st wouldn't deter it. On the interior is a communication center to the dashboard equipped with GPS monitoring system, a firefighting system in the boot as well as an oxygen supply. will be the only one which opens, however not exceeding three inches.  There are also bottles of this president's blood in case he needs an emergency transfusion.


Heat - struck - warmth - and  No, this isn't a blacksmith forged iron body.  It is a technical combination of dual hardness aluminum, steel, aluminum and ceramic plates to divide potential projections. The Cadillac one's embryo is a reinforced five-inch steel plate which runs under the car for protection from the unlikely event of a bomb being place under. The armour on the body is so thick it has the weight of a cabin doorway onto a Boeing 757 jet, and the steel so powerful a dinosaur wouldn't break it sat upon it.


automobile's interior seats four passengers using a glass partition, and just the president has a switch to reduce it.  The president also includes a fear switch installed that he will use to summon help and his chair comes with an executive bundle with a fold-away desktop, notebook computer with Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art satellite telephone and a direct line into the vice president and the pentagon. Oops, I almost forgot - it's also attached to my mobile phone.

The chauffeur

By another name he can also be known as a Para-marine, since he is trained by the CIA to cope in the toughest of driving situations. At one time Allen Iverson led his team to success with a wounded arm; I suppose the Cadillac one's chauffeur would do more.

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The tires are Kevlar-reinforced, shred and puncture resistant, with steel rims beneath that enable movement even if the rubber is blasted away.

only remains the car to overcome!

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