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Smart Car Definition

Definition of: smart car (1) An automobile with advanced electronics.. (2) (Smart Car) A mini-compact, two-seater automobile popular on crowded city streets in Europe since the late 1990s. It debuted in the U.S. in January 2008 by carmaker Smart USA.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Smart car may refer to: Smart (marque), the automobile brand. Autonomous car, an automobile capable of driving itself. Vehicular automation, using artificial intelligence to enhance or automate control of a vehicle.
smart car. (1) An automobile with advanced electronics. Microprocessors have been used in car engines since the late 1960s and have steadily increased in usage throughout the engine and drivetrain to improve stability, braking and general comfort.
Learn how the Smart Car technology works, learn about Smart Car safety and other Smart Car features and compare Smart Car models in the U.S. and abroad.
a noun. type of a car. also known as a "body trap" (if you are over 200 pounds,. That other person who defined Smart Car is just bitter because he pays about .
Smart Car. New Word Suggestion. An automobile with advanced electronics. Submitted By: DavedWachsman1 – 03/08/2013. Approval Status: Pending .

Think of this Smart Car Definition cabriolet as the equivalent of a raccoon. |} The city car and the masked mammal can be cute and curiously endearing, but both are best avoided completely.

In comparison with the preceding Fortwo cabrio, however, the latest edition of this convertible city car shows some indicators of domestication. Just like its coupe counterpart, then the cabrio rides onto a brand new platform co-developed with Renault. Overall length once more measures 106.1 inches, then matching the previous-generation car, whereas the wheelbase sees a modest 0.2 inch increase. Width, however, grows by a substantial 4.1 inches.

Despite this added girth, the tiny two-door is incredibly easy to maneuver thanks to its impressive 22.8-foot spinning ring --5.9 feet greater than the former car and also a whopping 12.9 feet greater than that of a Honda Civic. Much like the Fortwo coupe, the cabrio's exterior includes short overhangs, big doors, expressive headlights equipped with LED daytime running lights, and Smart's trademark contrasting colour scheme.

In place of this coupe's metal roofing and also two-piece tailgate, the cabrio adds a power-folding soft shirt which may be rolled partway back like a sunroof or retracted completely. The fabric roof could be opened or closed at any given rate, and it comes with a set of removable roof rails which can be snapped out and stored in a compartment over the tailgate. Though removing the rails provides a more conventional sanitary experience, we suspect most motorists will abandon them in place, as their existence must close the top. {

Electricity Hour |}

{Just like its forebear, the Fortwo cabrio's motor is mounted under the cargo floor and just ahead of the rear axle. |} an turbocharged 0.9-liter inline-three which doles out 89 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque. |} The motor comes mated to a typical five-speed manual transmission or an available six-speed dual-clutch automatic--a $990 option featured within our test car.

from the 2235-pound Fortwo cabrio is a leisurely affair. |} Zero to 60 miles requires 10.2 minutes, even while departure from 50 to 70 mph in top gear took 7.8 minutes. Still, the newest|newest} Fortwo cabrio has made huge progress compared to the previous-generation edition, whose naturally aspirated 70-hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder had a long 13.6 minutes to reach 60 miles and 10.5 minutes to saunter in 50 to 70 mph.

The new three-cylinder still suffers from prodigious turbo lag, so waking only after the tach eclipses the 2500-rpm mark and making merging into traffic from a halt a hair-raising encounter. Though the Fortwo's dual-clutch automatic operates with a level of refinement missing in the older model's clunky five-speed automated manual transmission, the new gearbox is hesitant to downshift and slow to respond to manual input signal.

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The cabrio averaged a brand new 27 mpg on recommended premium-grade fuel During its stay , far off the EPA's combined amount of 35 mpg. We Did list 40 mpg during our 75-mph street evaluation, bettering the EPA's 38-mpg highway rating.

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