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Rapid Chevrolet Used Cars

Even the 2010 Camaro is among the few cars to come out of the design studio looking very much like it is prototype. Instead of deliver an updated fifth production version of the Camaro, the sometimes overused decorative theme was selected, hearkening back into the layout cues that made the car such a major hit when it debuted in 1967. However,  Rapid Chevrolet Used Cars did an excellent job of evoking the flavor of the past with modern creature comforts. However, how is it to drive the new 2010 Camaro?

Camaro RS

Various trim levels are offered to produce the vehicle match your preference, but most people will appear at one of two currently available models: both the RS and SS versions. My first test drive was using the six cylinder powered RS (for rebound Sport) version. This V6 is really a variant of the General Motors company engine that goes in many of their cars these days. With Direct Injection and other modern technologies, this motor produces over 300 horsepower.  For reference, the last of this fourth generation Camaro's only made around 20 more horsepower, which was having a V8.

From the Cockpit

Standard equipment on the 2010 Camaro is abundant, but some substances are a bit hard on the eyes and a bit less soft to the touch for a car in that price point. The dark inside contrasts the thin foliage of light coming through the very cool looking, but hard to see out of windows. Some function is, regrettably, sacrificed in the name of selling and form more cars.

The RS could be the very best deal for all,  the normal independent rear suspension and light six cylinder motor contributing to a light front end with enough power to make the RS a excellent handling car. Autocrossers may prefer the RS for just this reason. But exactly what exactly the six lacks, besides a power bump to V8 land, is the kick in the pants power and sound of their corporate LS series motors installed in much more expensive models. proceed to the Camaro"King of the Hill".

Camaro SS

The Super Sport version jobs to remember the times of large block energy. Chevrolet's website says that this 6.2 liter V8 will find a real world 19 mph from the EPA test cycle. However, using 422 horsepower on tap, many will not be able to restrain themselves enough to view their very best mileage. In fact, after driving the SS, it was hard to return it into the merchant. The SS does all the RS does, but with greater force. The handling is somewhat compromised with the engine, but also the suspension does a fantastic job of reigning that in. If understeer become an problem, judicious (not unbridled, especially with all the SS) program of the throttle can help that separate rear step outside and correct the vehicles' management.


Having a mimimum of 300 horsepower along with some impressive standard equipment, the 2010 Camaro has been fun.  Check off the option box for that SS motor and you will feel superhuman in front of the wheel. Although external visibility is a bit compromised, there'll be no mistake when you return the street that this can be anything but a Camaro. this, it is not surprising that the automobile has got the status of a Consumer's Digest Best Buy.

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