Is A Dodge Challenger A Sports Car For Insurance

Is A Dodge Challenger A Sports Car For Insurance

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Is A Dodge Challenger A Sports Car For Insurance

I'm looking into getting my first car and, admittedly, when it comes to car insurance, I know basically nothing. I make around $10 an hour plus.
Sports cars are usually coupe-style cars with two doors and are two-seater vehicles. According to the car insurance companies' definition, there are several exceptions, such as the Aston Martin Rapide S and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.
Body type. The Dodge Challenger is a two-door coupe that's designed for performance, which might make it more expensive to insure. Type of car.. Depending on your choice of model and build options, insurance could be expensive.
Auto insurance companies assign a higher premium to sports cars because they. Dodge Charger; Ferrari; GMC Typhoon; Honda Civic Del Sol SI; Isuzu Amigo .
Muscle cars were marked as meatier than sports cars with their beefed-up V-8 engines. The Dodge Challenger initially came out with a 383 engine but offered a .

The DODGE Journey from the home of Is A Dodge Challenger A Sports Car For Insurance is going to powered by a 2.4 liter inline-4 engine and will be provided in either all wheel drive or front wheel drive. Even the 2360cc inline-4 engine will probably possess the bore size of 88.0 mm, stroke of 97.0 mm and compression ratio of 10.5 with dual overhead camshaft.

The 2010 Journey model is predicted to be provided in three distinct trim levels- Journey SE Sport Utility, R/T interface usefulness and SXT models. The conventional SE model is going to  powered by 2.4 liter I-4 engine which could produce power around 173 hp, where as both models will be powered by 3.5 liter V6 engine which could produce power around 235 hp. The starting cost of this SE, R/T and the SXT units are expected to be $21,130, $29,785 and $24,140 respectively.

Even the DODGE Journey is going to be the most recent crossover segment entry from the Chrysler. The model was surfaced in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.  The principal characteristics that are expected to draw the customers will  soon be its seating capacity, storage area and car like driveway features. The features include cubbies under the second row chairs, horizontal fold front passenger seats and glove box with a freezer choice.

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The motors which are expected to be offered by the DODGE Journey may incorporate the 3.5 liter V-6 and 2.4 liter I-4 engine. The purchase price of this model has not been determined yet and it will vary based on the options selected.

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