Hyundai Convertible Car

Hyundai Convertible Car

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Hyundai Convertible Car

Even the Hyundai Convertible Car looks like a bigger Sonata or even a front-axle drive version of the Genesis sedan. From what meets the eye, one may wonder why Hyundai could be creating yet another full sized sedan for a business which already has two successful lines now. If you get to have a closer look at Azera, you will understand this is not simply another full sized sedan. This report seeks to unlock some of the qualities of Azera which make it stand out.


Hyundai continues to beat expectations when it comes to adding fashion to its cars. Together with Azera, Hyundai has kept the tradition of sculpting a gorgeous car with the advantages of gas market. Its exterior measures 193 inches long and 73 inches wide, 4 inches wider and an inch longer than its predecessor, the Sonata.  It still sports the chrome grill however, the wrap around LED tail light is still|is so} exceptional to Azera. It includes 18" wheels with 245/45 tires that come as regular edition.

Additional Capabilities

Additionally, it will come with heated front and back seats, backup navigation, camera and integrated blue tooth. All these are a part of regular edition. extra $4000, you have to have bigger 19-inch rims, tilt and slide sunroof, Infinity audio system, ventilated front seats and a power rear sunshade.

To provide a composed driving experience, Azera has regular ABS with a multi-link independent back system alongside disc brakes and struts with coil springs. The driving experience steps up to conventional Ford Taurus or Toyota Avlon.


Even the HYUNDAI is only accessible as a 3.3 liter V6 with a 6 speed automatic transmission.  The engine supplies 293 horsepower, that can be a weak link of the vehicle. Every driver that has sat behind the wheel of Azera is fast to complete that its 293 horse power is not quite enough.  Keeping up with the custom of fuel economy of Hyundai cars, Azera supplies 20 miles per gallon for town drive and may go a further 29 miles with the gallon on the street.


Even the HYUNDAI is a complete popular cake back in Korea and was in American series rooms ever since the March of the year. The Azera is discovering more and more customers loving the finesse of the car with great fuel economy. Additionally, it functions as a more affordable option when compared with its other full sized luxury sedan counterparts with only one downside, the shortage of more energy.

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• Great fuel economy

• Lots of fashion
• Lots of functionality


• Nevertheless a dull ride to drive, needs more power


This is a fantastic car intended for the executives that wish to cut costs but still want to keep style.

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