Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle is changing in street.

Electric Vehicle

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Electric Vehicle

By answering this short quiz, you'll figure out which plug-in electric vehicles are best for your needs. Then, use our EV Guide to check out cars, calculate how .
An electric car is an automobile that uses an electric motor as it's primary source of propulsion. Electric vehicles (EVs) use electrical energy which is stored in .
Just as there are a variety of technologies available in conventional vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles (also known as electric cars or EVs) have different .
Learn which electric vehicle models may meet your needs by searching by model year, make, class, all-electric range, and whether it has a back-up gasoline .
Electric vehicles will one day push gas- or diesel-powered ones to the curb—but how soon? Sooner than you might think, according to .
Electric cars don't solve the automobile's environmental problems.
The history of electric vehicles from the beginnings of battery technology through the race to develop fuel-efficient cars.

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