09tdi Gccp002 Warmbg 016
09TDI_GCCP002_WarmBG 016

09tdi Gccp002 Warmbg 016

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09tdi Gccp002 Warmbg 016

In 2004 09tdi Gccp002 Warmbg 016 determined it was time to put into the SUV game. They desperately needed to get a V8 powered car which could compete with the Range Rover and beat them in this component of the luxury SUV market location. As a result, Lexus now can boast that it is in each part of the luxury vehicle market area. Lexus used cars such as the GX 470 can provide both luxury and off-road capacities which makes this car very popular with the public.

LEXUS cars that are used:

primary engine that the GX 470 had, was a 4.7-litre V8, 235 horsepower motor, with 320 lbs, per feet of torque.  It only includes a five-speed automated transmission. In 2005 they added the Toyota's"Variable valve Timing System" and this raised the motor to 275 horsepower, with 330 lbs, per feet of torque.

Stats from 2002 to 2006 show that the fuel economy for a LEXUS is 15/11-litres, per 100 kilometers for city/highway driving. |} Lexus used cars such as the GX 470 are great for long distant trips because of the comfort level that they provide passengers, so don't just look at it as a off-road vehicle. Additionally, I tried to find stats in the"Insurance Institute for Highway Safety" and I couldn't find any record from them on crash tests done on previous versions in the years 2002 to 2006.

Below are some of the things you want to know before you go out and purchase a GX 470.

1- There are issues with fractures in the dashboard. Apparently the interior materials might not be up to standard.
2- There are issues with the audio system having difficulties.
3- There are difficulties with front turn signal burning out.
4- There are sounds that come in the drive-train in previous versions. They say the issue is because of lack of lubricant. You are able to find the driveshaft lubricated again and functioning, but this is a temporary fix. If you hear this sound while test driving the car, realize you'll need to replace the driveshaft and rear suspension control arm together with components which are redesigned. So what I am telling you is, do not purchase the GX 470 if you hear a clinking sound.

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Over all most critics out of the automotive industry give the LEXUS an above used car grade. Lexus builds good quality vehicles and I would advise purchasing a GX 470.

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