Best Under the Seat Powered Subwoofers and Subwoofer Boxes

 If you do not have a lot of room in the trunk of your vehicle or don’t have a trunk in it at all, an under seat subwoofer can be an excellent investment to make. These subwoofers and speakers are ideal for a quality overall sound system. You will find that there are many different choices for those who do not have enough room in their trunk for subwoofers. When you place the subwoofer under your seat, it will work just as well as if you put it in the trunk. If you are interested in buying one of these subwoofers, it is important that you look at some of the better ones on the market.

How to choose a subwoofer to put under your car seat.

Before you purchase your under seat subwoofer, you will first need to check to see how much space you have for one of these sound systems. Take a few minutes to measure the area that you are going to put the subwoofer in so you will know exactly how much room you have to work with. A vast majority of people find that their custom under the seat subwoofers do fit in their vehicles, but there is no sense in taking any chances. Get out your tape measure and see how much space you have so you will know what size subwoofer you will be able to get. Also check out shallow mount subwoofers.

Do under the seat subs provide just as good sound quality as in a trunk?

There is absolutely no difference in sound quality between an under the seat subwoofer and one that is in a trunk. As long as a subwoofer is in an enclosed area and has walls to bounce the sound off of, the results will be the same regardless of where inside the vehicle it is placed. It isn’t very likely that you will be able to fit a 12 or 15 inch subwoofer under your seat, but a good quality 8 or 10” subwoofer will most likely fit just fine. Lots of people who own big trucks have subwoofers under their seats, and others simply don’t want to take up all the space in their trunk because they need it for groceries or other things.

Types of under seat subwoofers.

There are two different types of under seat subwoofers that you can purchase.The first type is the plain subwoofer box that connects to your amplifier, similar to all other sound systems you can purchase. These are for those who either have an amplifier or are looking to purchase one. There is also the “powered subwoofer”, which comes with a built-in amplifier that powers itself. These subwoofers don’t take very long to install without help, even if it is your first time doing it. These subwoofers produce excellent sound and there are lots of different models you can buy.

Average subwoofer size for under seat.

Most subwoofers are small enough to where they can be put under the seat of your car or truck, as they are usually either 8” or 10” long. An under seat subwoofer doesn’t take up much space at all and can produce high quality sound so you can enjoy your music even more.

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