Best In Dash DVD Player for Cars

Drivers everywhere are taking their in-car entertainment experience to a whole new level by adding in-dash DVD players. The increase in popularity of these DVD players has caused many companies to race against each other to make the best in-dash DVD players on the market. Some did well and released great products, while other didn’t do so well. If you are someone that is considering taking the plunge, it is important that you know who the high quality manufacturers are and who you should avoid. As you look around, you will see that there are so many to choose from that it can become difficult to decide what the best choice is for you. We are here to help you find the answer to that.

There are many options to consider when deciding which is the best DVD player to install in your car or truck. You can opt for a standard sized single din DVD player or take it up a notch with an extra-large double din DVD player. Below, we will explain what the differences are between the two.

The Best In-Dash Car DVD Players to Buy.

Pioneer in dash DVD playersDouble din DVD players are roughly twice the size of single din players and provide a better overall viewing experience. They do not slide out, so installation will be a bit more difficult with these. They require more space in the front dash and are better suited for large cars or trucks. Aside from the added space they take up, they are the better option if you are looking for the best viewing experience for your vehicle.

Pioneer’s claim to fame is the performance and picture quality that their video products provide. They are well known for this which is the reason they are continuing to release some of the best video equipment on the market.

One of their most successful releases is the Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS. It’s a 7”, 2 din DVD Receiver that features a touch screen display. It is easy to navigate through whether you are a passenger or the driver thanks to its large screen and responsive touch screen monitor. You can see more Pioneer DVD players HERE.

Sony in dash DVD players.

Sony is well known for making some of the best audio and video products and equipment. Their products can hold up to any of the leading manufacturers without breaking a sweat. They have an extensive line of DVD players for vehicles and a strong base of followers. Not unlike the company Apple, when it comes to audio equipment, people that start with Sony products will usually stick with them. This speaks volumes to the quality and satisfaction that their DVD players and other products bring to people. You can find out more information about Sony DVD players HERE.

Final Verdict.

When it comes to selecting the best in-dash DVD players, you can’t go wrong with the Pioneer or Sony brands. There are other brands to consider that offer the same level of quality as these top brands do including Dual, Alpine, Plye and Kenwood. You can look over each of the players on Amazing and see what the best model is for you.

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