Reviews on the Best & Top Rated Car Amplifiers

No car audio system is complete without an amplifier. An amplifier can be used to improve the quality of the sound in your car. An amplifier will allow you to increase the volume of the audio in your car without sacrificing quality. It will allow your stereo system to increase the sound quality that you experience when you are listening to it.

It is important to ensure that you have the correct channels and wattage from your amplifier that matches your speakers in your car. Most top amplifiers will have more than the minimum requirements. Below, we have some of the highest-rated car amplifiers. (Click here for all of our car amplifier reviews).

Best Car Amplifier Reviews and Ratings.

How many channels will you need?

An amplifier has a certain amount of channels to match the amount of speakers that are in the car. The more speakers you have in your car, the more channels you will need in your amplifier. If, for example, your car has two front speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer, you will need an amplifier that has at least five channels. On the other hand, it is okay if your amp has more channels than you need. You can simply ignore those unused channels. Alternatively, you can use the additional channels to add more speakers into your car.

Five channels is the standard amount when it comes to car amplifiers. This type of amp will cover a subwoofer and speakers located on the rear and front doors of the car. A standard amplifier will be able to handle these four speakers and a low powered subwoofer. If you want to increase the power of your subwoofer, you will need to increase the wattage of your amplifier.

If you do not have a subwoofer in your car, you can use a 4 channel amplifier. These amplifiers are used specifically to power the car door speakers. Normally, these figures do not require as much power as a subwoofer does and you can get away with a four channel amplifier with a low wattage and still see a significant difference. Typically, you will be able to reduce the wattage on your amplifier by 3 to 10 times the amount when you leave out the subwoofer. The downside of that is you will not be able to hear the powerful bass that a subwoofer can create.

Recommended amplifier brands.

There are many manufacturers that make high-quality amplifiers. Although the most important thing is to match up the correct channels and wattage, finding the right brand for your car can make a big difference in the final audio output. Below are some of our favorite car amplifier manufacturers. We recommend taking a close look at these if you are looking for a new amplifier.

  • Sony
  • Soundstream
  • MTX
  • Kicker
  • Kenwood
  • JL Audio
  • Alpine
  • Rockford Frostgate

Final Verdict.

If you want to improve the quality of your sound system in your car, a good amplifier can do just that. When you are looking for an amplifier, it is important to make sure that you have one that is powerful enough to support the speakers in your car along with the subwoofer. It should also make sure that the amp has enough channels to connect each of the speakers in your car.

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